“Footwear that hurts … We have a solution!Can’t stand your shoes or sneakers on your feet? We have a tip that will solve this …

You love a certain shoe and are hurting you, don’t put it aside without trying our recommendations.

KIEV model with all leather lining

One day you fell in love with a model of footwear, that even feeling tight and not having the largest size, you ended up staying with them and after a few hours of use, you put them aside for not supporting on your feet. Who hasn’t the same thing happened? I think it has happened to the majority!

Pintta has a tip to share.

            Do not put this model aside, without first doing what we are going to recommend.

This solution applies to all new and used footwear, where after a few minutes of use it starts to hurt a lot. We have a solution, however there is a condition, in which the footwear must have the lining entirely in leather, if it is made of fabric, it will not work.

The solution is to apply cream, the ideal is the blue Nivea tin, put a little cream on the tip of the finger and on the inside of the shoe or sneaker, put the cream directly on the points where it is hurting, you can massage a little if you want, it is not mandatory, the important thing is to spread the cream.


After you finish putting the cream on, put them on and walk around the house for as long as you can take it. The next day, preferably 24 hours, see if they have improved, if they still hurt, repeat the same process.


Important note, if your shoes have caused blisters or something like that on your feet, we recommend that you allow 3 to 4 days to pass before trying again. We note again that this solution only applies to leather linings, such as those of Pintta.

Footwear that hurts …

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