“Houston Blue, a model from the Americas” created to provoke envy to those who remain indifferent to what is different. Model with a unique design, all in leather, transferred from paper to reality, says Luis Contreiras that each model he creates expresses a message in every feature we see, there are no random details.


Pintta creates sneakers, not for the gym, but for a wedding or a business meeting and for special meetings. With Fact? The Houston Blue, can be combined with a black suit with a jacket, slim fit pants and short qb, with a white shirt without a tie, two open buttons and a blue belt, it’s devastating with everything around you, if you’re cold , you can opt for a gray overcoat, it won’t spoil anything. In this same look, we can also change the blue belt for a black one, wear a Prince of Wales vest (black and white) with a fancy blue scarf in the coat pocket and it will do damage… Nobody will be indifferent.

With jeans?

Yes, with some jeans you will also rock! They can be blue, black or white why not? Rough or not, with any of the colors or style it won’t be difficult to create something top, because the most important thing is already there “Houston Blue” the rest will be accessories. Our suggestion is white jeans, white shirt, black blazer with a narrow black tie, if it’s cold, wear a large scarf (like a blanket) in gray color and “BOOM!”

“how we introduce ourselves”

The way we present ourselves is without a doubt the first impression we make to others, we should never despise a good presentation, whether at work, parties or leisure, even at the gym the personal trainer will be more attentive, a good presentation helps and a lot… Have Pintta!

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