Leather shoes – How should these be cared for?

Natural leather shoes need treatment, otherwise their look degrades, becoming very wrinkled, and eventually completely ruined.

A quality shoe, namely leather, must be treated with some frequency.

Leather has many similarities to human skin.

Basically, it is a natural material of animal origin and, therefore, it has to be hydrated so that it doesn’t become dry, or cracks will open.


Pintta recommends the following practices.

Don’t immediately store your shoes after each use. You must let them breathe to release perspiration, eliminate odours and avoid creating fungi. Doing this during the night, for example, is a good option.

The next day, you should insert a wooden or plastic form. However if you don’t have one you can use newspaper, which is also a good option because it is absorbent. This process is not mandatory, but the fact that the shoes are padded will prevent them from losing their shape.

If the leather is dull, it needs hydration.

You should apply a colourless compact wax, which comes in a tin, avoiding liquid waxes.

With your fingertip wrapped in a cloth, preferably a flannel, you should wipe evenly over the
entire surface and let the leather absorb the wax until the next use. This process should be
repeated whenever possible.


When you see that the leather has absorbed the wax, put them on and with a flannel cloth, rub them intensely, so that the leather is revitalized.

If you wear shoes frequently, we recommend that you repeat the hydration process once a week.

Between each hydration, if you want to revitalize your shoes, just wipe them with a flannel cloth and they will regain their shine.


These tips are only suitable for quality leather shoes such as Pintta shoes.

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