Pintta launches Christmas campaign to support the Red Cross

At Pintta we believe that we can help those who need the most, so we combine this will with what we do best: the art of making shoes.
In order to support different humanitarian causes, which are even important due to the global challenges we all face today, we created an exclusive shoe collection inspired by the actions developed by the Portuguese Red Cross(Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa) over the past few years.
For many, Red Cross is a source of hope, which is the main reason why Pintta started this solidarity campaign: to continue giving hope and to give smiles on those who need it the most.
This collection has the elegant, contemporary and versatile essence that Pintta has accustomed its customers to, combined with details inspired by the Red Cross. This collection have timeless pieces that can even be seen as a work of art! There is only one model of each pair worldwide, 7 models are for men, size 42, and 2 models are for women, size 38. The nine models are numbered, therefore, exclusive and made with unique details that personalize each piece. Each pair sold will result in the contribution of 60% of its sales value to support the Portuguese Red Cross, contributing to some of their projects. Help Pintta to help the Red Cross by purchasing this exclusive model, for yourself or to give away during the holiday season.
Together, we walk to make a difference!

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