For the SS21 season, Pintta was inspired by the spring days of Algarve, located in the south of Portugal. This Region is renowned for the beauty of its colourful nature and its very particular brightness. The Algarve is a unique region in the world, where astonishing sandy beaches merge with the countryside…in Algarve reside all the beauty that nature has to offer. The Paris model reflects the pure and clean lines of the white Algarve houses, with the edges of the windows and doors in yellow, red, or light gray. The blue on the visor represents the blue sky that the Algarve offers to those who pass by or live there.


The “Classic” model used pink and yellow as main colours. This inspiration came from the
flowers that the local nature provides, such as bougainvillea, marigolds and brown muddy


The Algarve has unique characteristics, where Pintta took inspiration from. The region combines beauty, exclusivity and freshness. All of that perfectly represents what Pintta has to offer to is customers.

The design of the products in this collection was designed by shoe designer Luís Contreiras.

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