Men with red shoes?! Well, why not? Should a shoe always be black or brown? As far as we know, colours know no gender. As they say, how boring it would be if there was only yellow!


Marrakesh is a fabulous model in red to brighten up any mood. It consists of superior quality leather, with a magnificent dark blue leather lining, a classic but highly contemporary silhouette, with two shoelace alternatives, that come in dark blue and pearl white.

A frequent (and very pertinent) question: “When I put on red shoes, do I have to wear a matching belt?” Not necessarily! A black turtleneck with black pants and our red Marrakesh model is a winning combination. For a more formal touch, we recommend a black, plain or fancy blazer, and a handkerchief with red tones in the pocket. For this same look, you can alternate with a cotton or velvet cardigan or a blazer, in various colours, but preferably red.

“blue suit”

In a more formal version, with a blue suit, to work, to get married or even for a divorce in style, with a white shirt, scarf in the coat pocket or an accessory in red tones on the lapel, as this client shared with us.

“with jeans?”

And why not with jeans? The Marrakesh will make any closed minded blush. Blue jeans, ripped or not, worn or uniform, with a white shirt, a dark blue blazer, not forgetting the red scarf in the pocket and, for the colder days, an overcoat in grey. Absolutely magnificent.

We recommend rubber half sole protectors on shoes with leather soles, it will provide extra grip and comfort, keeping your feet at a more regular temperature. In this way, the original sole is preserved. After all, taking care of our shoes is taking care of ourselves.

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