This Christmas, Pintta offers 100 € discount on some of its most iconic models. An incredible and unrepeatable offer. In a particularly difficult year, we realized the importance of entering the new year with the right foot and, if that right foot – and also the left foot -, are wearing Pintta, so much the better! Who gifts Pintta, gives refinement, excellence and a lot of style.

“All Pintta models have details”

All Pintta models have details that define the brand’s own identity. Collections in Pintta’s image are worked to the smallest detail, with incredible mixtures of raw materials, fabrics of various colours and textures, combined with leather in different shades, with very, very minute details.

The Power models, for example, are one of Pintta’s references. At the time of their launch in 2017, they were so successful that they sold out in the blink of an eye. Much appreciated for the studs that characterize the brand, they’re available as Power Micro, Power 2015, Power 2016 and Octanas models.

Handmade shoes and boots, made by artisans with many years of experience in the manufacturing of footwear, blend the Portuguese tradition harmoniously with the modernity of globalization. Classic shoes like Coates, Campbell, Cherokee, Madeira, among others, are mandatory in any wardrobe. This Christmas season, we recommend our boots Mexico – beautiful, inspired and very powerful – brandy coloured with croco embossed leather.

“What would life be without style?”

They boldly flaunt their uniqueness, but always, always with great charm. And what about the Carachi model, a dark blue boot with a very exquisite mix of noble materials? Both classic models and boots are ideal for wearing with a suit or with a more relaxed look. What would life be without style?

“Oversized soles”

A cozy novelty for the cold days that are approaching: the Sneakers with oversized soles, which sold out last summer, are now available as a winter version. A unique gift. For this season, we present the Houston Croco and the Miami Black, which are very comfortable for cold days because they are produced with a fully fur lining. The Denver and Filadélfia models, for their part, are lined in leather. More than shoes, we create clothes. Choosing a gift with Pintta is gifting style.

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